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3BG All is One Charity is dedicated to bringing unity and relationship to all – individuals as well as charitable organizations – through imagination, inspiration, and revelation. My boys and I have been talking about starting a charity for a while but fear is the greatest obstacle to have to overcome. I’ve been through many things in my lifetime which, I am convinced, has prepared me for these moments of stepping out and having faith in God to direct my steps. I have finally been granted enough faith and courage to quit my job and dedicate my life to helping others no matter where that may lead.


I have two boys, Bryson and Braden, ages 16 and 14 respectively, that have been a great encouragement to me through this experience. Jesus said to have “the faith of a child” and to “be like these little ones”. What sound advice that is on journey of faith, in that children don’t know all of the ways the mind has learned to create the fear that keeps us from living in faith. We have spent this past summer volunteering for Meals on Wheels and Mission Columbia, etc. Our greatest learning and most rewarding experiences, though, have come from helping the homeless, with money, clothing and food where they “hang out”. We see them in the woods down by the river near our home very often.


It is no accident that if we have a pair of shoes to give away; we will find someone who wears that particular size to give them too. We encounter almost daily the miracles that are far greater than we, as individuals, can be a part of. For every monetary donation, or item, we receive we know there is a need to match it exactly. We only have to be patient and wait for God to reveal the person, family or other charity that is to benefit from it. God works in mysterious ways for sure; and witnessing them on an almost daily basis is surely a miracle.



I have a friend named Brian in Uganda who I met through a series of what he and I call MIRACLES. He grew up in an orphanage, can speak English and has a heart to give back what has been given to him. He has been a tremendous help in getting aid to some in his town and the surrounding villages. I started out trying to help him, but he continuously puts others before himself. We continue to feed, house, and educate our two families with a total of nine children. We have come a long way since we started in 2019 and are now at a point where we have a few different projects in the works.

  • One project we need to finance is building a two-room brick building on a parcel of land that we were able to acquire in a village near Masaka. We need the two rooms so Brian can live on the land and continue to farm as he develops the livestock side of things with the chickens and goats we have already purchased. The other room is the beginning of Brian’s dream of starting an orphanage to give back as he was so freely given to as a child!

  • The second project involves reopening a school that has been closed because of a lack of funding. The buildings need maintenance, teachers need to be hired, basics purchased, and fees paid to local governments to be able to open.


We feel that we have been led up to this point on these two projects and any help would be                                                            greatly appreciated to see these dreams come to pass!




I have created this Facebook page (, along with Instagram (bbgunn70) and Twitter accounts (@bbgunn70), in order to document some of these amazing moments. We would love for you to follow us and witness firsthand the amazing things that are being done in our local community, as well as, around the world. We thank all who have donated money and/or items to this cause and look forward to the amazing journey we can all experience together!


             We love you and pray that we can recognize the miracles all around us because “All is One”!

We believe that LOVE is the only thing that can change the world and have an eternal impact.

Our Mission

3BG All is One Charity is dedicated to the creation of the new through love by demonstrating a new way of BEING in the world. Love is the only thing that is real and that has an eternal impact.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate the creation of the NEW by changing the doubts and fears created by the human mind into the love that is real and that emanates from the spiritual heart!

Our Vision

We Need Your Support Today!

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