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Brian's Thoughts

I have taken time and thought about the lives of these children,by the time I met the families life was bad on both families and I want to greatly thank 3bg for the great work you are doing. I call it a miracle for me having met you.someome from where sylivia lives told me she normally talks about how great God is.we met her in the very time of need when sent out of out because more than one month rent being demanded.shes now happy for the life has.Each time I visit nalongo family I feel really good to see the children playing and having what to eat.Though there is alot more in need but at most this eat and always smiling.i take time to make them have a smile and play.God never makes mistake I came to know that.i once was like them after losing both my parents in 2000 am. Now I am 22 years and having gone through same life am happy to stay with such people.i believe God has a greater plan for us all. today it's like this for the children.i feel happy when I make them smile.i each day pray for this journey of touching lives. Am sure it's a good path.God bless 3bg.Thank you indeed.I trust God to bring us all those people that will stand with is to support the families in education and a shelter.I can't thank God enough for what He has done and what he's going to do is amazing.Thank you Mr Bradford and 3bg

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