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Start New School Continued!!!

Brian Ivan Mukasa Uganda: We have free buildings because the owner of the property (land) is a pastor who wants to see change in the village but after building our own buildings we can shift the kids to our land. The school that’s neighboring our land and I have already decided to take it on. We need a few things to make it happen and out compete the neighboring schools in other villages. My question is sir, do you feel it in your heart for me to take it on as a big start with the target of the kids who are around now? I want to go to Masaka town and get contract documents and agreement papers and involve local chairperson on how I am taking on the school.

We can change the names and a few things so that we put it on standers.

I feel I know how to do it sir if you support me. We can start from here and as 3BG we pray and see where God takes us. I want to think this is Devine connection and breakthrough beginning.

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